Sunday, September 3, 2017

New Fly fishing Packraft Available

New packraft available from Alpaca.

I use my current Alpaca Yak and love the durability, portability and lightweight. At a little over 4 pounds it has served me well on many trips and I recommend their products. For a lighter boat I choose Supai Flat Water Raft but it's always a little scary in moving water. Perfect for Cayoneering fishing trips. Now a new boat has come along that cuts the Yack model weight in half if you do not need a boat for class 2 white water travel. It looks safer and stronger.

Alpaca has released a updated version of their Scout packraft! I have not tested this boat for back country flyfishing or Canyoneering Flyfishing but plan to this winter in the Southwest. But, Ryan Jordan over at Backpacking Light has and I trust his opinion and thoughts. I've placed a link here to a video review he has done.

I also see this boat as a "bridge" sort of boat that can be applied to us crazy adventure fly fishers. It is bigger, more durable and safer then the Supai.

Scout Uses for Fly Fishers

This small lightweight inflatable boat has numerous uses.  Below are a few that I plan to use it for and maybe you also.

*High mountain lakes that require backpacking trips to access them. 

*Cayoneering flyfishing trips that require portage through steep canyons on winter trips. 

*Hike up class one rivers then blow up the boat and fish  back downstream. 

*Access other sides of bigger rivers when wade flyfishing.
In other words if you are wade fishing up stream and see some great "fishy" water on the other side of a river, one could take out this small boat, quickly fill it up and gain access to the opposite sides of rivers. 

*For us that using Adventure Motorcycles and ATV's for several day fishing trips, this is a perfect boat to bring along because it takes up so little room and weight.

Well at least these are my thoughts and I plan on trying one out this winter on some planned backcountry trips. 
Link to Alpaca website...

Safe passage...
Mark at Trout

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