Thursday, June 8, 2017

Who Can Catch the Smallest Fish

For me having fished many great rivers all over the USA including Alaska for big fish, I still retreat to the tiny streams. They are relaxing, scenic and no one is ever on them. Everyone heads to the big crowded rivers. 

There is nothing like seeking out a small remote stream and planning a trip there.  Sometimes I'll plan to backpack up creek and spent the night somewhere upstream and other times leave early in the morning, planning to be on it all day.  I love these remote quite and lonely places.  I know... it's weird.

Small streams mean small fish.  If I'm with a friend we play a game. It's opposite of what we normally do such as, who can catch the biggest fish! In this game its all about...
"Who can catch the smallest fish"!
We may bet a coffee from the local coffee joint or maybe a dollar just to make it fun. We measure each potential winner carefully.


For small streams I use a TFO 1 weight fly rod rigged with a 2 weight fly line that I cut in half.  A one weight rod lets these little guys put up a fight. As for the line, distance is not needed on tiny streams.  Often, I'll use a small dry fly with a dropper but the dry is almost always all it takes. Sometimes rules dictate what we must use. 

Instead of a vest I'll use a day or backpack. A vest is worthless to me for all day hiking upstream trips. Many times I'm alone so I carry extra stuff in the pack in case I need to spend the night. 


A small box of flies is all that's needed, extra tippett and a couple of tools.  Keeps things simple and light. 

There is just something unique about tiny stream fishing.  Give it a try and see if you can catch the smallest fish!

Mark at Trout 

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